Trai to launch consumer app to check Net speed

Trai to launch consumer app to check Net speed
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Story Dated : July 2, 2016

New Delhi: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India will launch on Tuesday ‘TRAI MySpeed’, a mobile app through which consumers can check the speed of internet connection on their smartphones.

The MySpeed mobile app, which can be downloaded from the Mobile Sewa app store of the government of India, will allow consumers to measure their data speed experience on 3G/4G networks and send the results to the Trai’s analytics portal, the regulator said in a statement.

“The application also sends coverage, data speed and network information along with device and location of the test to Trai servers,” the statement said. It added that the app will not send any personal information of the user.

The app launch comes in the wake of dissent among operators over the regulator’s data on call drops.

Telecom operators allege that the regulator had conducted selective drive tests to determine instances of call drops, while Trai has maintained its stance saying the area of the drive tests were selected in consultation with the operators.