Brainy Knights – Innovators in early schooling

Brainy Knights – Innovators in early schooling
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Story Dated : November 4, 2016

Bangalore: Children of the ages between 18 months and 6 years are extremely receptive. It is during this age that a child’s IQ and character could be moulded and the impact of careful grooming plays a significant role in this.

Schooling is one of the prominent chapters in the life of every child. Here comes the significance of pre-schooling. There has been an increase in the number of pre-schools across the country. According recent studies, children enrolled in pre-schools are more behaved and have higher IQ scores.

Brainy Knights are a team of IIT and IIM alumni who offer complete end to end solutions for preschools. It is headed by Bhawna Shah (CEO), an IIM Alumni, and assisted by Mudit Kumar – Cofounder (IIT Alumni) and Dr. Ashish Shah – MBBS (Advisor).

The venture is an ambitious project aimed at providing early education and care for children aged between two and six years. The organization’s mission is to provide far reaching, affordable, transparent and quality education to preschoolers through the use of technology.

Brainy Knights help people setup preschools from scratch for those who haven’t established a school yet. If someone already owns a school, the organisation helps them upgrade the school by providing a professional curriculum and complete support for regular operations.

The main highlight of Brainy Knights is their curriculum that has been reviewed by professors at IIM – Bangalore, which was also assessed and appreciated by leading child specialists at Fortis and Mallaya hospital, Bangalore.




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